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passing parameters between pages

2005-11-29 13:17:48

I need to pass a set of checkboxes (array of Strings) from one web page
to the next.

On screen1 I have a lot of DB rows displayed,
each has a checkbox, all of them have the same name (v1),
but different "value"s:
<input name="v1" type="checkbox">
  <xsl:attribute name='value'><xsl:value-of

If user selects a bunch of them and I do in the same action
String [] members = request.getParameterValues("v1");
I will get a bunch of values in array of strings,
so I am able to do some DB operation on all of them.

However, I need to pass that array of Strings
as a parameter to the next screen (screen2),
which is supposed to display detailed screen (all columns)
of that row and allow me to modify it,
So I need to pass in to the action class of screen2.

I am trying to pass it there, so I can implement a page
(of screen2 pages) through the list of rows selected via
checkboxes on screen1.

In that action class of page2 I am trying to do:
redirector.redirect(true, "screen2?memberId=nextId");

(Using it on Cocoon 2.0.4 application with sitemap actions,
but that probably shouldn't matter)
I think it might be possible to do page iteration via sitemap,
but have no idea how to do it. Is there conditional loop
in sitemap ?

Is it possible to make that array of Strings "global"
(accessible from any XSL page like screen2) ?

Or pass it as request parameters ?  Or in Javascript ?

Sorry for the newbie question.

Please help !

Thank you in advance,

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