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Re: [xsl] Does XQuery allow you to modify the XML? (remove elements, modify element values)

2019-10-17 11:06:10
On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 03:55:17PM -0000, Costello, Roger L. 
costello(_at_)mitre(_dot_)org scripsit:
I need to identify certain elements in XHTML documents and then either remove 
the elements or modify their values. Can XQuery do this? Are there free 
XQuery tools?

Yes.  Also yes.

I'd look at BaseX, http://basex.org

Caveat: XQuery is excellent for finding out what's in there, and so-so at 
transforming it, just like XSLT is so-so for finding out what's in there and 
excellent at transformation.  Sometimes you want to use the query results to 
drive some XSLT.

-- Graydon
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