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[fetchmail]Multidrop fetchmail bouncing non-existing local addresses

2006-07-17 07:35:11

I have fetchmail 6.2.15 running on the latest stable Debian (3.1). I
have the following in my config file:

set bouncemail
poll xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
       protocol pop3
       envelope 1 "Delivered-To"
       qvirtual "45-"
       localdomains xxx.xxx.xxx
       username xxx(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xxx(_dot_)xxx password "xxxxxx" is * here
       nokeep smtpaddress yyy.yyy.yyy

In this example, the domain of the mailbox being checked is listed as
a local domain as far as exim is concerned.

If I use this config in daemon mode, and send a mail to
somegarbage(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xxx(_dot_)xxx, then it gets delivered (via the 
address of fetchmail(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xxx(_dot_)xxx). If I then stop the daemon, 
send a
mail to the same address and run fetchmail manually from a shell
prompt, the mail is bounced.

Ideally I want mail to non-existant users to bounce (they're generally
spam). Can anyone offer any suggestions?



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