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Re: EBCDIC & uuencode/uudecode

1991-05-10 05:05:03
Question-1 -- Are there 64 safely invarioant characters in this
collection of envirnonments that we can use for the base64 encoding?

My calculation says:
all letters: a-z,A-Z      52
digits 0-9                10
In all                    62

Then we need 2 more characters. The "non-problem" characters 
tracked down so far are:

Any of these should be safe. Maybe "." and "," are the mst safe
expected also to be in all other character sets.

Question-2 -- Are theses the same characters chosen by PEM-DEV for
their specified version of Base64?  If not, what is different?

I do not have the PEM-DEV right here (well somewhere in that mbox...)
But as far as I remember they did it right. We have just reconveiled
their design  principles....


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