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Re: EBCDIC & uuencode/uudecode

1991-05-13 08:00:34
Excerpts from mail: 10-May-91 Re: EBCDIC & uuencode/uudec.. Einar
Stefferud(_at_)ics(_dot_)uci(_dot_) (532)

Who is keeping track of closed issues and decisions so we can quit
redoing all this woprk every other week?

I've just spent the whole weekend (ugh!) reviewing ALL the
correspondence on this list (double ugh!) since I sent out the lastest
draft of the RFC.  I believe I have a pretty good handle on which issues
are still simmering, but I could be wrong.  I'm not quite ready for
another draft, but one will be coming, and I hope that it might show the
number of open issues to be substantially reduced.  -- Nathaniel

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