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Re: 183,000 BYTES Re: RFC-XXXX-May, PostScript format

1991-05-26 11:36:26
Hi Nathaniel, An alternative would be to have a separate list for your
ANDREW friends.  The great bulk of the ietf-822 list surely cannot use
the ANDREW verions at all.  Then, for the PS version, offer to mail it
to those who want the prettier graphics and many fonts.  This does not
require FTP ANON.

I do hope that none of these "prettifications" carry any semantic
information that might be lost, because this RFC-XXXX had better not
require PS or ANDEREW rendering to get the meaning right!

So, as I see it, the straight text version must be the master
governing version, which controls in the event of any kind of
discrepancy between renderings.  Your offer of PS and ANDREW versions
should note this fact.