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Re: PLEASE READ -- Open issues list for RFC-XXXX

1991-11-07 18:27:27
WIth the exception of the issues below, I agree with the editors'
position on the issues.

A. 1:  Audio formats.

I support the "content=audio info+audio data" proposal.  One can
implement either.  However, the problem is when you go to store the
content.  If the audio info is kept in the Content-Type: field, then you
can't just store the content, you also have to store the headers in
order to make sense of it.  A loser.  If the audio info is kept in the
content, then you can simply store the content to disk and nothing else!

A. 2:  Checksums.

I require a concrete proposal on how to do this before I can agree to
its inclusion.  That is, I want to see BNF, references to RFCs, an FTP
pointer to the code, etc.

A. 3:  Non-ASCII Headers.

Do not include this in the current draft as they don't deal with message
content, and frankly that's all the current draft should aspire to.

A. 5:  Modification of the encoding model to treat it as a pipe. In
       particular,  a mechanism for specifying compression should be added.

Forget it.

B. 2:  Where do body parts start & end?

Fine.  (though it does complicate the FSN that recognizes body parts a
fair bit.)

B. 4:  Alphabet for boundary markers:

You need to include the space character as something that's OK (as long
as it isn't a trailing blank).