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Re: PLEASE READ -- Open issues list for RFC-XXXX

1991-11-08 08:50:36

| Excerpts from internet.ietf-822: 7-Nov-91 Re: PLEASE READ -- Open iss..
| Marshall Rose(_at_)dbc(_dot_)mtview (1319)
| > B. 4:  Alphabet for boundary markers:
| > You need to include the space character as something that's OK (as long
| > as it isn't a trailing blank).
| I'd like more information on the use of the word "need" in this
| sentence.  It's simpler to ban it outright than to ban it trailing...

Because it will allow simulating the RFC-934 boundary marker
mechanism. (Which, IMHO is how the whole thing should be done anyway, 
but if we can't get that let us at least simulate it on RFC-XXXX).