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Re: PLEASE READ -- Open issues list for RFC-XXXX

1991-11-11 12:28:55
It seems clear to me at this point that 2022, and 2022-JIS, et al,
arenot very well documented in the "Internet Sense" with an RFC.

Is it reaponable to suggest that it too should be separately dealt
with 9in a RFC which should be prepared by Japanese interests who both
know and care the most about getting it right.

Does this not fit into the mold that is arising out of all this work,
to have first the basic structuring document, and then the next steps
of defining stuff to be used in this new (RFC-XXXX) structure?

I certainly want to hesitate before putting lots of locked down text
about 2022 into RFC-XXXX, before we have a seriously complete document
for exactly what 2022-JIS is.