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Re: Content-type suggested BNF changes

1991-12-20 13:14:34

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Date:    Fri, 20 Dec 91 11:39:28 PST 
To:      Nathaniel Borenstein <nsb(_at_)thumper(_dot_)bellcore(_dot_)com>
From:    Dave Crocker <dcrocker>
Subject: Re: Content-type suggested BNF changes 
Org:     The Branch Office


Your note appears to have gone only to me.  If you meant it for the group,
feel free to send this response along with it.

My proposal indicated that it was not offered as a major item.  I happen
to think that it will make messages much cleaner and possibly improve
implementation conformance, but the syntax you already have seems to
work, so I think it would be unreasonable of me to claim that my proposal
is essential.

There is a chance that lack of response is due to the vacation and holiday
schedule that people have, but I don't know.  

In any event, as with my /external suggestion, I will withdraw it if there
is no general community interest.  (Sigh.)

Unfortunately, you will shortly see an example of an item that I DO think
is a showstopper...


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