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Re: Character set Detail Considered Harmful

1991-12-24 13:50:28

   Subject: Re: Character set Detail Considered Harmful 
   Date: Mon, 23 Dec 91 11:58:13 -0800
   From: Dave Crocker <dcrocker(_at_)mordor(_dot_)stanford(_dot_)edu>

   7.  Use of "X-" labelled charsets is inappropriate:
   While I don't agree with the severity of this response, I think I erred 
   in referencing only X- labels.  Klensin thinks that X- means 
   experimental; I believe it merely means "private" and that is the error:  
   I believe that IANA can register names for specs which are published but 
   not yet standardized.  Hence, the X- needn't be used; the details for 
   the charset can be available; and it only is the standards status of 
   each charset spec that would remain at issue.
   The RFC Editor probably can clarify this procedural point.

Yeah, "X-" need not be used.


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