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Re: Network World

1992-04-14 06:24:24
Sigh.   I HATE talking to reporters.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. 
They always manage to get something terribly wrong, either accidentally
or maliciously.  The first published article about metamail actually
"quoted" me as saying that Bellcore gave metamail away "because we
didn't think anyone would pay for it."  Needless to say, those were not
my words at all.

In the case of the Network World article, I thought I made it quite
clear that MIME represented a remarkable coalition between X.400-lovers
and X.400-haters, who had a large area of common interest that led both
groups to work together to create MIME.  Apparently, that message did
not get through clearly enough, and I apologize for any role I may have
played in giving the article an anti-X.400 slant.

Personally, as many of you know, I've always been skeptical about the
claim that MIME will help X.400 -- I'm more or less on Louie Mamakos'
side of the argument -- but I have tried very hard to make it clear to
reporters that MIME represents a joint effort of the people who feel as
I do and the people who feel it will help X.400.  (I would think that
the experience and affiliations of Ned & myself would make that pretty
clear, too!)  Alas, I guess that a story about reasonable people
agreeing to disagree and still work together constructively just doesn't
make good copy.  -- Nathaniel

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