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Re: Implications of MIME for Transport

1992-04-15 01:59:16

Learning from history, good and bad, is clearly desirable.   At this stage,
reviewing X.400 approach is important.  It is also important to carefully
review requirements.   Only when this analysis is done can an sensible choice
be made.

Almost any protocol in existence could be improved.   Stability is desirable,
and so changes are made as part of an overall balance of considerations 
(smetimes good decisions are made, and sometimes bad).

Compatibility with X.400 is desirable.  An incompatible solution
should not be chosen for the sake of it.  Neither is compatabiltiy an
overriding consideration.

I think that an analysis should be done, and then we should try to decide.

My sense is that an X.400 compatible solution is appropriate and
sensible.  I'd be happy to work on 1148 to facilitate this. I think
that X.400 holds (or can hold) the needed information.  A lot of the
1148 cruft is there to prevent information being discarded.  When used
in conjunction with a sensible parser, the right information can
easily be extracted and presented.