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Re: Implications of MIME for Transport

1992-04-15 11:21:11
We are faced with the great question of whether the IETF-ACK work should
be moved back into IETF-822, or left where it is, with those who want to
work on it moving (or just staying) there.

I suspect that a lot of ietf-822 folks are really not much interrested,
but I will not try to judge this.  I just think we should decide and
stop using two lists for the disucssion.

One question: Are we discussing just ACK, or something larger?
              This is a factor in deciding what to do.

From the meta-level view, I must say that we are still badly bogged down
in confusion about the MUA/MTA relationship.

Thsi whole idea of arbitrary MTA conversion between GIF and JPEG because
of some decision logic imbedded in some random RELAY-MTA just boggles my
mind.  Suppose the US Postal Service (or The Royal Mail) descided that
the bulk of paper was too great in some random package, and converted it
to microfiche for its own convenience!  And suppose it was the Dead Sea
Scolls!  Waht rubbish is this iead that any MTA might be intelligent
enough to make any such decision with out MUA autority!  HOGWASH!

We need to get it straight once and for all in this discussion as to
waht is legit for an Abstract MTA to do, and what is not.  Then we can
argue about the rules.  Until we do this, we are just churning butter.