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Acknowledgements. (was Implications of MIME for Transport)

1992-04-15 14:11:13
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stef(_at_)nma(_dot_)com (Einar Stefferud) writes:

In doing this, we need to also decide some things about exactly what
semantics we assign to things like "delivery" and "receipt" so that our
notifications will be consistently meaningful in all cases.

I suggest that we start with the discussion of what we want these things
to mean, regardless of how some existing implementation might happen to
define them now.

 You can spend as much time as you like arguing about the semantics of
"delivery" and "receipt".  But, no matter how much time you spend, you
will never escape from the problem that one person's "delivery" is
another person's "transport".  Nor will you ever escape from the problem
that, as soon as you think you are approaching the "truth" the technology
will make a sudden change and everything will need reinterpretation.

 Forget about all the semantic and definitional nonsense, and just do something
that is reasonably easy to implement and is somewhat useful.  (I think this
means I am supporting Marshall Rose's comments).

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