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1992-07-01 18:01:15

I also would like to see the multi-part BNF changed as Mark suggests.  This
doesn't seem to be a real problem to change;  I believe most implementations
accept one or two CRLF's before the part, so interoperability isn't at stake.
It sure seems to be cleaner with just one CRLF, though.

Please *don't* make this change unless you can answer this question:
how do you send a binary part that doesn't terminate with a CR-LF?
That's that reason why there are two CR-LFs at the end of a text part --
one is part of the body part, and the other is part of the terminator.

I realize that all public MIME implementations in today's world with
encode binary parts, but who knows what may happen in the future.  I
certainly would like to see MIME remain neutral with respect to transmission
character widths.

        Neil Katin

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