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1992-07-02 04:51:04
It's a major bug if interoperability is screwed.  It is.

I have received MIME messages that I cannot handle because there are unquoted
dots in parameters.  I am pretty sure MetaMail is among the culprits.  My
users are unsympathetic when I tell them I'm obeying the spec and the sending
mailer is not.  The bug reports are coming in and I have to do something.  I
don't think I can wait for the draft standard.

If I delete dot from my tspecials, then I will generate non-conforming MIME
and what's worse my new code couldn't talk to my old code.  That's even less

I'm afraid this mistake in MIME has forced me into a corner.  I need to split
tspecials into two groups, one for what I generate, one for what I parse, the
difference being that the latter omits dot.  I suspect that other implementors
will have the same problem, so we may end up having to put it into MIME.

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