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1992-07-02 07:38:23
Mark - there are two issues: tspecials and the blank line.

In terms of the tspecials, at the next publication, we either need to
fix the example or fix the definition.  For myself, I just can't see
what the big deal is about quoting it.  Heck, my code quotes virtually
every parameter it generates.  Is this really such a big issue that we
gotta change the tspecials definition?  Why not just get people to fix
their code and also fix the example in the RFC?

I will argue that the blank line thing is less than optimal behavior,
an "annoyance", as you put it, but we are only talking about two
characters.  As such, I really would prefer that we don't change it, the
BNF, etc., etc.  Let's just learn to live with it.


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