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1992-07-02 17:50:12
On Thu, 02 Jul 1992 17:23:18 -0700, Marshall Rose wrote:
I still think that the tspecials thing borders on the gratituous! (-:

OK, please tell me how I am supposed to parse:
        Content-Type: MULTIPART/MIXED;
MIME says that the boundary delimiter is `foo', and the `.bar' is gratuitous
crud.  This is because tspecials (`t' as in token) terminate the parse at the
dot.  The correct form is:
        Content-Type: MULTIPART/MIXED; boundary=""
but not all implementations are doing this now, and more broken ones may be on
the way.

If you say I should parse the bogon as having a boundary delimiter of
`', then you have just agreed to my change to tspecials.

Some history: I invented tspecials (`token specials') in the BNF I wrote for
MIME back in the early days.  RFC-822 specials weren't suitable, since there
were additional characters that we needed to forbid in unquoted MIME tokens.
I expressly did not include dot in tspecials, so that it could be used
unquoted.  For some reason it was added, and now there are interoperability

-- Mark --

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