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1992-07-02 21:44:17
On Thu, 02 Jul 1992 21:07:41 -0700, Marshall Rose wrote:
Please answer my question.  How do I parse:
    Content-Type: MULTIPART/MIXED;
if I "implement the BNF the way it is spec'd."

The example you give should lead to a "parse error".  What is so hard to
understand about that?

It is hard for me to understand because I thought that the purpose of Internet
protocols was to permit users to get their work done.

It is even harder for users to understand, particularly those users in high
places who think that the Internet community is a bunch of prima donnas who
point fingers at each other instead of making things work, and end up setting
up a Microsoft Mail cluster.

I especially don't understand why it is so important for you to oppose this

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