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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-09 11:07:09
I think this question of nofill (defaults et al) is being muddled 
by a lack of recognition of one issue, some UA are capable of 
presenting justified text from simple inspection of an ascii 
stream, others have to modify that stream in order to convince 
a dumb display agent to display it for them.

When the user retains access to the original form of the 
message, no harm is done by such modification, but if the 
user is made to cope with the results of the interjected 
spaces and reflowed lines, then one has to pause for thought.

I think the default state should be nofill, it seems cleaner to me.

I observe that Wordperfect is unique among the wordprocessors 
of my acquaintance in that it presumes full justification 
by default, Word, Writenow, Fullwrite Pro, Nissus, MacWrite 
all use system-justified as the default (ie, if system is 
arabic, right justified, for swedish, left justified).  

I wonder if there is any corelation between those who are 
arguing for full-justification and a preference for WP?
dana s emery <de19(_at_)umail(_dot_)umd(_dot_)edu>