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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-09 12:02:36
You include the "PREFERENCE" of the USER but also allow for the
"TASTES" of the IMPLEMENTORS.  I would simply omit mention of the
IMPLEMENTORS in this text.  They are the ones who read these specs,
and they will be given carte blanche to screw the users with their
"TASTES".  I realize that we do not specify implementation details,
such as USER interface options vs IMPLEMENTOR choices, but lets not
allow the suggestion that this is a simple implmentor choice to be
given so much force.

As I see it, the implementors are going to impose their will on the
design in any case, whether you mention them or not, so just omit them
from the text.

Now, the sentence that leaves me entirely baffled is still there:

      "On systems where justification is considered undesirable,
                      the flushboth environment
             may be identical to the default environment."

What does it mean to say:
"the flushboth environment may be identical to the default environment".

I just don't get it...\Stef