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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-09 00:22:50
Hi All -- 

I know I have been ignoring all this for a very long time, but I
really have a thing about bad padding in FlushBoth texts.  So, I as a
user, do not want the defaults left to the implementors.  

I want the spec to say that it should be left to the user in a proper
implementation.  If this is not appropriate to say in the spec, then
reference the user as having the choice, and do not mention the
implementor.  In short, my MH should allow me to select the default
with a command switch.  (Same functionality goes for my Eudora!)

The following sentence baffles me, but I may not be technical enough
to undertstand.  In any case, it looks confusing, so I question it:

      "On systems where justification is considered undesirable,
       the flushboth environment may be identical to the flushleft
       environment (or flushright for right-to-left languages)."

I thought you were trying to say "Justification (i.e., flushboth) may
not be the user's desired default, so the default might be flushleft
(or flushright for right-to-left languages)."  What is this nonesense
about flushboth being "identical" to flushleft or flushright under
certain vaguely described conditions?

If you asked me as a user, if I wanted flushboth to be identical to
flushleft, I would call for the padded cell guys to come get you.