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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-04 12:17:37
What I had in mind for the default state of
text/enriched is more or less "it might be justified and it might not,
depending on what works and looks good locally."  


It seems to me that what you are saying here might be translated into:

 (i) If justification is neither specified nor prohibited by the text,
      the output should be justified or not depending on implementation
      choices and local conventions.

 (ii) The person creating an enhanced text file can explicitly specify
      whether or not justification is to be performed; if she does, you
      pay attention.

If that is the intent (and consensus), why not just say it?   What I
think we have learned by now about slightly ambiguous specs is that,
rather than creating flexibility, they plant the seeds to religious wars
about what was really meant.