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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-02 12:44:44
Excerpts from mail: 2-Sep-93 Re: text/enriched: Throwing.. Steve
Dorner(_at_)qualcomm(_dot_)co (433*)

I suppose that at this stage of the game I would be shot if I suggested
that fully justified text, absent a very good hyphenation algorithm and
language-specific database, is less legible than ragged right, and so
should NOT be the default?

Well, there's some important weasel words here.  To quote the draft:  

Initially, text/enriched text is intended to be displayed
fully-justified with appropriate fill, kerning, and letter-tracking as
suits the capabilities of the receiving user agent software.  Actual
line width is left to the discretion of the receiver, which is expected
to fold lines intelligently (preferring soft line breaks) to the best of
its ability.  

Note the "as suits the capabilities..." clause.  In particular, I'd
interpret this to mean that if you can't do proportional spacing, for
example, or if for any other reason you can't make it look good, you
don't have to justify it.  That was my intent, anyway.  If you don't
fully justify it, it won't change the content at all, so you should only
fully justify it if you think you can make it look good that way given
the technology you have at your disposal.

Did other people not interpret it that way?  -- Nathaniel