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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-02 11:06:58

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    At  9:58 AM 9/2/93 -0400, Nathaniel Borenstein wrote:
    >            Text/enriched  is  assumed  to  begin  with  filled,   fully
    >            justified text
    I suppose that at this stage of the game I would be shot if I suggested
    that fully justified text, absent a very good hyphenation algorithm and
    language-specific database, is less legible than ragged right, and so
    should NOT be the default?
Ignoring the usual loss of rights-to-comment that accrue (i.e., don't
accrue) to someone who has been studiously ignoring this thread, I want
to underscore Steve's point with another one:  fixed-width text is
LESS readable when left/right justified.  Ragged is considerably easier
to read.