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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-09 06:52:12
  As a user, I agree with Stef.  I get very tired of receiving mail in
which extra spaces have been inserted in order to justify the text, and I
would be delighted to have the control to prevent that!

I want the spec to say that it should be left to the user in a proper
implementation.  If this is not appropriate to say in the spec, then
reference the user as having the choice, and do not mention the
implementor.  In short, my MH should allow me to select the default
with a command switch.  (Same functionality goes for my Eudora!)

  If FlushBoth is intended to include left and right indentation, which is
what I understood from the discussion of its use for quoted material, I
don't believe the spec is clear on that, either.  (My personal preference
for quoted material, by the way, is just decreased margins, not that plus
  And why is "nofill" indented as if it were part of FlushBoth in the spec?

  Thanks for the good work!


}    Center -- causes the affected text to be centered.  
}    FlushLeft -- causes the affected text to be left-justified with
}        a ragged right margin.  
}    FlushRight -- causes the affected text to be right-justified
}        with a ragged left margin. 
}    FlushBoth -- causes the affected text to be filled and padded so
}        as to create smooth left and right margins, i.e., to be fully
}        justified.
}        Nofill -- causes the affected text to be displayed without
}        filling or justification.