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Re: Response to MIME charset issue

1993-12-26 07:14:39
I would like to reinforce John's comments about IETF not being in the
business of prejudging ISO standards that are in progress.

MIME did not include ISO 10664 because it was not fully baked at the

As I read the many discussions of ISO-10646/UNICODE, I find that the
work is still not fully baked.  

I am not willing to proceed further with standardizing MIME use of
either ISO10646 or UNICODE until it is fully baked.  

This current situation is exactly what we were worried about the last
time ISO-10646 was withheld from MIME adoption.  

My personal opinion is that ISO blew it on their 10646/UNICODE meld,
adn that they need to go away again and fix it, NOW!