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Re: Response to MIME charset issue

1993-12-27 12:52:33

  From: Masataka Ohta 
  Date: Mon, 27 Dec 93 18:04:49 JST

  ISO 10646 is done. OK. It is a complete standard of "characters" with
  its own definition of a "character". But it is incomplete as an text
  encoding standard.

Since neither 10646 nor Unicode purport to be a "complete text encoding
standard", you are amiss in attributing this as a deficiency.  10646
and Unicode are the foundation upon which one can indeed build a complete
text encoding standard (where text is understood as content, structure, and

I know that many people (including myself) would like to see such a standard:
it would solve more of our problems.  However, good engineering practice
dictates modularity, not monolithicness.  10646 and Unicode achieve the first
important step in the process towards this goal.  To accuse them of failing
to solve all the problems of text encoding in general is a little bit naive
don't you think?

Glenn Adams