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Re: Response to MIME charset issue

1993-12-27 00:41:03
Glenn Adams says:

 From: Einar Stefferud <Stef=mime(_at_)nma(_dot_)com>
 Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1993 00:06:55 -0800

 I would like to reinforce John's comments about IETF not being in the
 business of prejudging ISO standards that are in progress.

ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993 is not a work in progress.  It is published.  It
is ready for use, and people are using it.  The earlier reference to
a developing PDTR to establish a character/glyph model is indeed a work
in progress but has no bearing on the interchange of 10646 encoded data.

We brought up the character/glyph model not to imply that there is anything
preliminary or incomplete about 10646.  There has been a fair amount of
confusion about what SC2 and SC18 mean by "character" and "glyph."  One
result of this is that there has been some misapprehension about what 10646
is and how it has been designed.  ISO has been trying to find a way to help
people understand what these words mean within the context of ISO
standards. The character/glyph model was developed as a part of this

As Glenn says, 10646 is complete, published, and being implemented.  It is
not being redesigned, and the character/glyph model has no impact on 10646
implementations -- except, we hope, to help people understand the final
standard better.

John H. Jenkins