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Re: 10646 & MIME [was: Response]

1994-01-27 16:18:16
"make the document that defines use of 10646 in MIME as good as possible at
adapting 10646 both to the constraints of MIME, and to the needs of the
Internet community that uses it." 

realizing that this does not close other options, but does open the option
of using 10646 with MIME where is it deemed appropriate by the users and

Then, should we profile 10646 as


according to the locale based displaying algorithm Glenn suggests (save
his brain dead suggestion of Heuristics) and Microsoft actually uses?

He mentions ordering of coutries so that if Chinese font is availabble
it is used, and if not and if Japanese font is avaalale it is used
and finaly, if Korean font only is avaialble, it is used.

Then, if Korean text is displayed in such an envronment, most of Korean
Hans are represented in Chinese Han and most of the rest of Hans are
represented by Japanese Han. Very few, if any, will be dsplayed as
Korean Han.

I think it absurd. It's much better just say the text is in Korean from
the begnning.

It's like displaying English with its uppercase letters in Cylliric
and lowercase letters in Greek and only those letters which has no
counter parts in Cylliric or Greek in Latin.

                                                        Masataka Ohta