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Re: 10646 & MIME [was: Response]

1994-01-28 01:13:29
Hello Keith, et al ... I am one of those unable to contribute to a
proper technical decision, but it seems to me that Ohta-san has some
important logic on his side when we consider how the proposed
heuristics will work to produce, for example, Korean in a mixture of
Chinese, Japanese and Korean, with Korean as the last resort...

But, on the other hand, we have no reason to tell people that because
of this problematic performance of the proposed 10646 Heuristics,
10646 must not be used for anything by anyone, as you noted so well a
few messages back.

The question I have then is "How can we specify the use of 10646 in
MIME for those who find it has value for them"?" and " How can we
avoid promoting inappropriate use where it is not well suited to its

What are the MIME Charset options for this situation.  It seems to me
that among otehr things, it is important for the MIME Charset=
parameter to provide the required "locale profile identifier".  Does
this mean that their should be separate MIME Charset values for Japan,
China, Korea, and the rest of the world?  Each would supply the
"locale" profile identifier, which should be specified in an RFC.

I jhope this idea makes some sense, and will help to disengage the
protagonists and enble them to each go off to write their own RFCs.