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Re: 10646 & MIME [was: Response]

1994-01-30 03:40:08
Hence, I suggest two actions, if they have not already been taken:

2.  Circulate an "announcement" of the IETF activity to any and all
groups that are deemed relevant and appropriate, inviting them to
participate in the IETF discussion.

Then, if, as Keith said:

        Besides yourself, those who do claim to have the
        expertise seem to disagree with you.

the judgement is done by the number of self-certified experts (IMHO, most
of them are not, at least for Japanese) who joind the discussion,
that is, by voting, it is unfair not to conduct the discussion on
Japanese language processing in Japanese language.

For those who are not native speakers of English, it is difficult to
conduct discussion in English, so that you can't expect a lot of
participants. OK?

So, I'll be happy if all of you accept my summary of the discussions
between Japanese experts:

        As you might expect, there have been several discussions about UNICODE
        in the news group. The summary is that most Japanese (including me)
        denied UNICODE while few people (1 or 2) said they can use it with

as a fact.

                                                Masataka Ohta

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