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Re: Response

1994-01-31 09:39:43
Ohtasan -- We are also bored (beyond belief) with 

        "I'm really bored of such nontechnical commercial hype."

Where is the technical content of your statement?

Where is your technical contribution of a specification of he requires
Profile information that must be written in an RFC to precisely state
how the MIME 

        Content-type: text/unicode-japan
    or  Content-type: text/iso-10646-japan

should be handled to render it properly.

Then someone one else should write one for Korea, and another for
China, and another for all the rest of the world.

I do not expect the authors of these to much agree with each other,
though the CJK group might well collaborate.  

Perhaps they could consolidate on a single set of rules, and
differentate with a charset= parameter.

Or maybe all the distinctions should be done with charset=???

But, it is clear to me at this point that the MIME iso-10646/unicode
problem cannot be resolved by unification, since ISO failed to achieve
unification (regardless of how much they might claim that they did).

What we need to do here is clean up the mess as best we can by
packaging it in profiles with separate MIME labels (to put it in MIME)
and get on with our other business.


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