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1994-01-25 20:48:01
  As I already know that I can't display Japanese text with UNICODE without
  some profiling information, you don't have to do so.

I disagree.  You *can* display Japanese text without any profiling 

As long as you know the text is Japanese, which is a profiling information.

You have utterly failed to provide even a shred of evidence for this assertion
you are so fond of repeating.

You have shown that, this time.

The following are excerpts from the paper "ISO/IEC 10646-1 in Japan" by
Prof. Koji Shibano of Tokyo International University,  who, according to
my understanding, is relating the official position of JISC:

So? Conversion between JIS and 10646 is of course possible, as the
profling information that the content is Japanese Han is given.

I haven't included the full text here which does raise certain issues with
regard to unified CJK ideographs and other aspects of 10646. However, none
of these issues require that 10646 be used with profiling information in
order to use it for Japanese information processing.

So? If the purpose is profilied to be "Japanese" information processing,
no further profiling is necessary, of course.

Your ICODE system,

Neither MIME nor ICODE is for "Japanese information processing".

                                                        Masataka Ohta

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