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1994-07-08 22:19:31
Harald, et al,

Having now read through the initial and more-recent messages on the topic,
I've got a couple of questions:

1.  The first is the worst.  Having language labels is intuitively a
reasonable and useful thing.  Having said that, however, I must now ask:
What is this stuff for??  How is it supposed to be used?  Seeing a label
that says that the content contains english and french, I'm left with a
so-what feeling?

There are many things one might want to know about a particular message
body.  What makes this particular labeling effort worthwhile?

Perhaps the answers are obvious to most folks.  I would then strongly
suggest that the spec contain at least the basic arguements.  But please
note that I've really asked TWO basic questions and I suggest the spec
answer both of them:  What is this for? and How is it to be used?

2.  The IANA registration template specifies listing the name in english
and french.  Why two forms?  We've never done that before, I believe, so
why start now?

3.  (Indulging my own sense of aesthetics and desire for consistency...
and perhaps a desire to distract everyone with a truly trivial
suggestion...)  The sub-field delimiter of dash isn't really typical.  Note
for example that content type/subtype uses "/".  How about staying
consistent on this?


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