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Re: Content-language

1994-07-10 16:03:02

1) The main reason for tagging stuff with language is for the case
   where information is present in more than one language, and you
   want to make it obvious to the end-user which one to pick.
2) The listing of names of languages in English and French is to
   be consistent with ISO work. I would be happy to drop it or keep
   it - Olle Jarnefors seems to be happy about having it there.
3) I have no objection to changing the - to a / - both are better
   than _ which was the original choice, and got replaced by an
   argument (yours?) that having something different from POSIX
   was a Good Thing when it is not POSIX compliant.

I thought point 1) would be obvious from the examples; obviosly,
I was wrong.
Next draft.....

             Harald A

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