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Re: Content-language

1994-07-10 21:21:48
The IETF doesn't do multiple language specs.  We do English.

That's fine for me.

Whenever this issue comes up, I always apologize both for being a native
english speaker and for having no facility with any other languages.  The
apology does not, however, alter what I believe to be a major benefit in
the IETF work.  Doing specs in multiple languages is politically and
emotionally correct and I'm in favor of it from that view.

No, please.

As a non-native users of English and French, it is much better for
me to be forced to be somewhat familiar with English only than both
English and French.

Unless you support all the languages in the world, which is virtually
impossible, the politically and emotionally correct way is to support
only a single language.

                                                Masataka Ohta

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