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Re: Content-language

1994-07-10 18:21:09

At 4:01 PM 7/10/94, Harald(_dot_)T(_dot_)Alvestrand(_at_)uninett(_dot_)no wrote:
1) The main reason for tagging stuff with language is for the case
  where information is present in more than one language, and you
  want to make it obvious to the end-user which one to pick.

OK.  I suggest that the spec offer these sorts of examples for usage,
possibly with a somewhat elaborate example.

2) The listing of names of languages in English and French is to
  be consistent with ISO work. I would be happy to drop it or keep
  it - Olle Jarnefors seems to be happy about having it there.

The IETF doesn't do multiple language specs.  We do English.

Whenever this issue comes up, I always apologize both for being a native
english speaker and for having no facility with any other languages.  The
apology does not, however, alter what I believe to be a major benefit in
the IETF work.  Doing specs in multiple languages is politically and
emotionally correct and I'm in favor of it from that view.  But doing
exactly one language seems to be quicker and more accurate (since you don't
have to worry about incompatibilities between implementations.)

Hence, I strongly suggest removing the reference to French.

3) I have no objection to changing the - to a / - both are better

ok.  again, I think it's a very minor point, but why not re-use parses when



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