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Re: "Obsoletes" is a much needed Internet mail feature

1994-08-24 09:51:03
At  5:48 PM 8/19/94 -0400, Ned Freed wrote:

I've yet to see a system that lets a recipient exercise any form of control
over a message prior to delivery (this is almost a tautology since one
defintion of delivery is when the messsage is placed under the control of the
recipient), but anything is possible.

  I wonder, Ned, if this isn't more practicality than ownership model?
  I wonder if some of us wouldn't welcome a brief (automatic) delay before
delivery in which we could cancel our error or hasty response.  I don't
believe that such a thing would be contrary to the "ownership model" you
describe, especially if it was handled by my user-agent client, so as to
remove issues of authentication (at least sometimes) and ownership.
(Presumably I "own" my mail until it's been sent along its way by my user
agent, at least when that user agent is sitting on my desktop on my own