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Re: MIME's "Content-Disposition" Header

1995-01-11 18:13:08
"Chris" == Chris Newman <chrisn+(_at_)cmu(_dot_)edu> writes:

  Chris> How about moving forward?  It's needed, relatively widely
  Chris> implemented, and referenced in the MIME standard.  Perhaps

This is bad, right? A Standards-Path document is not supposed to
reference material in a less-evolved document.

There is no such explicit dependency in the MIME RFC. All it says there is that
the NAME parameter is deprecated in favor of some Content-Disposition mechanism
TBD. I see no problem with this. If necessary we can simply say that  name= is
deprecated, period.

  Chris> Steve can submit it for an extended last call, after making
  Chris> any spelling/etc. corrections necessary?

I agree; we should get this ito an RFC soon. It was pruned down to
it's current state and a bunch of compund-document philosophy thrown
out back when that was controversial. Appended is the current
document; please comment and we'll do another go-round.

I agree with the need to move this on ASAP. I suggest that simply submitting it
to the IESG at this point would be best. They may either take it as-is or they
may channel it over to the  MAILEXT working group for approval. If more work is 
MAILEXT is the place to do it -- it seems to be the only group that's making
real progress on mail-related standards in the IETF right now. (A glance at the
minutes  of the last meeting will demonstrate this.) In particular, the 822 WG
is not the place to do it, since it doesn't exist as a WG any more!