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MIME's "Content-Disposition" Header

1995-01-13 11:26:50

Concerning the "draft-dorner-content-header-00.txt" I have the
following comments:

1) I would like to the following BNF change from:
   disposition := "Content-Disposition" ":" disposition-type
                   *(";" disposition-parm)

   disposition := "Content-Disposition" ":" 1#(disposition-type
                   *(";" disposition-parm))

   with this change I can now do the following with one header:

   Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="proposal.txt",
                        x-style; font="courier"; size="10",
                        x-window-position; x="200"; y="300"

   So when new disposition-types are added we can use one long
   header instead of many headers.

2) In section 3 of the draft:
   "Content-Disposition is an optional header; In its absence,
   presentation should default to 'inline'."

   What is the justification for this?  To me 'attachment'
   seems more natural and will fit with many existing viewers.

Mark Joseph
Wollongong Advanced Applications Center
Santa Cruz, CA.