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Re: quoted-phrase in content-disposition header

1995-01-13 16:52:01
     From Keith Moore:
     + They were also designed only for "free-form" text, not to
     transparently convey arbitrary data.  For instance, there aren't good 
rules for 
     when an encoded value begins and ends.
     + There are complicated rules that say when certain characters can
     appear unencoded in certain contexts (in a phrase, in *text, or in a 
     + The RFC on encoded-words is written in terms of how encoded-words
     are to be *displayed*, and not as a mapping between an unencoded string 
     and and encoded one.  So there is inherent ambiguity,
     for example, in how to treat white space between adjacent encoded-words 
     they appear in a parameter. 


I see this as a bug in the encoded word spec.  It seems that a proper 
examination of that text can tighen up the rules for encoded words such that 
they would be precice enough for this usage.  I don't see free form text as an 
opportunity to be imprecice with the encoding. 

In particular, we can specify what whitespace rules to use for separating 
encoded words.  We can also loosen some restrictions as to their length, making 
the encoded word length restriction only a function of it's use in an RFC822 
header.  None of these changes is incompatable with current usage or the spec 
itself, but they do prepare the encoded word for use in the many places where it
can be useful.

Greg V.