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Re: quoted-phrase in content-disposition header

1995-01-17 19:11:23
At 1:30 PM 1/17/95, Keith Moore wrote:
I'd hate to see each MIME extension have its own parameter encoding

Me, too.

If we can come up with a scheme for doing binary transparent
fields that can be used for all future MIME extensions (e.g.
Content-Disposition, PEM, maybe DSNs, and who knows what), it would
make MIME as a whole less byzantine than otherwise.

I agree, too.

BUT: Content-Disposition is very very very long overdue, and I'm very tired
of having no standard at all.  I don't want to wait any more.

I'm in this boat as well.

Personally, I've always been willing to defer the whole non-us-ascii
business to a future revision or document.  However, when C-D was last
discussed (six months ago), several people felt very strongly that they
wanted something that would support non-us-ascii characters, and said they
would have to offer alternate proposals if it did not.

Here's my suggestion:

Let's drop quoted-phrase, provide no replacement, and send the document on
to the next step.

In parallel, let's work on a general binary parameter form, perhaps using
one of Keith's suggestions.  The subsequent RFC can then modify both MIME
and C-D ex post facto.

This seems like a good idea to me.