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Re: quoted-phrase in content-disposition header

1995-01-17 19:48:02

jcr(_at_)pegasus(_dot_)att(_dot_)com writes:
I am somewhat confused by the Content-Disposition header discussion.
There is an existing RFC draft that defines mapping between MIME and the
X.400 file transfer extended body part (draft-freed-ftbp-00.txt) - and
it defines the header "Content-Pathname:" to hold the X.400 pathname
attribute.  This attribute is nothing more than the file name and
(optional) path.

Rens' and Steve's draft proposes placing the file name in the
Content-Disposition header along with information on presentation.

It looks like two places have been defined to hold what is essentially
the same information.

Make that 3 now -

orginal MIME draft, Content-Type:  name=

This has long been deprecated, although it is still in use due to the
tardiness of content-disposition.

draft-freed-ftbp-00.txt, Content-Disposition: filename=

This document defines content-pathname, not content-disposition.

x.400 rfc draft, Content-Pathname:

I don't know what this is or refers to. No X.400 specification I know of
talks about file names other than my FTBP mapping.