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C-D: Attachment Clarification

1995-01-17 23:53:21

I'd like to make sure that I understand the intention behind the attachment  
content disposition.  From reading the draft it sounds like attachments are  
supposed to be presented separately from the message body, eg. as a shelf of  
icons or a list of file names.  My question is what do I do if I have a  
multimedia mail system that allows text, graphics, and icons representing  
files to be mixed freely?  For example, I might have a message like this:

Hey Fred,

Take a look at this image: [an image is displayed here]!  I created it using  
this program: [an icon representing a C file is here].  Try it out yourself.   
Here is some input data you can use: [an icon for a data file is here].


Would a reasonable MIME representation look something like this:

           text/plain -- inline
           image/gif -- inline; filename=foo.gif
           text/plain -- inline
           application/x-c-file -- attachment; filename=foo.c
           text/plain -- inline
           application/octet-stream -- attachment;
           text/plain -- inline

If so, how would you distinguish this use of C-D: attachment from one that  
refers to attachments that are truly separate from the body?


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