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Re: C-D: Attachment Clarification

1995-01-19 11:34:12
It might be worthwhile noting that the original example that led to 
this discussion, where an attachment was shown in the middle of a 
paragraph, is not actually representable in MIME with any variant of a 
Content-Disposition header.

In the original MIME document, it was assumed that that this 
functionality was provided, and early versions of the Andrew driver for 
MIME provided this capability by what was essentially a hack: if the 
previous text object didn't end with a newline, then the following 
object was assumed to be embedded inline; if it did end with a newline 
than it effectively started its own paragraph.  The problem is that 
there are a lot of perfectly acceptable, but different, ways of reading 
the MIME spec.  This particular one had a lot of implied semantics that 
matched Andrew's document model but was never stated explicitly in the 
MIME spec.

It turns out that encoding this kind of presentation information 
involves quite a bit more work in defining what your compound document 
model is.  The MIME authors wisely avoided diving into this can of 
worms (I bet Nathaniel's ODA experience had something to do with that).