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Re: C-D: Attachment Clarification

1995-01-18 15:45:30
The case I was commenting on had the example of an attached C program
that the user wanted to represent by an icon in the middle of text.

This function might be better addressed by a referencing mechanism
(the other-part-of-this-message: URL we have talked about earlier),
but it might also be represented as:

text/plain; disp=inline   This is my new and excellent
text/plain; disp=attachment  <C program source - LOTS of it>
text/plain; disp=inline   C program; click on it to see the source

Now, I still get shudders every time I encounter something that flows
text between body parts, but still, that was what he wanted.
I can't tell why I didn't think it would be covered by the
"inline/attachment" semantics now, though; please forget that I spoke.

                    Harald A

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