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Re: C-D: Attachment Clarification

1995-01-19 09:45:05

"Lennart" == Lennart Lovstrand <Lennart_Lovstrand(_at_)next(_dot_)com> 
  Lennart> Folks,

  Lennart> I'd like to make sure that I understand the intention
  Lennart> behind the attachment content disposition.  From reading
  Lennart> the draft it sounds like attachments are supposed to be
  Lennart> presented separately from the message body, eg. as a shelf
  Lennart> of icons or a list of file names.  My question is what do I
  Lennart> do if I have a multimedia mail system that allows text,
  Lennart> graphics, and icons representing files to be mixed freely?
  Lennart> For example, I might have a message like this:

My original idea was that that should be left up to the MUA designer;
attachments could either be 'inline attachments (NeXTmail style)' or
bottom-of-page (zmail style). The only baggage that an attachment has
in my mind is that display is not automatic.

Registering a new kind of disposition to server as a hint sounds
wrong; it may result in wrong behavior (if an MUA does not know about
disposition 'inline-attachment', how does it know it's an
attachment?). A parameter might be better.