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Re: Questions about 1522 encoding scheme

1995-01-24 12:19:20
You have to encode the words in some way such that when the encoded
words are decoded, the produce the desired result.  I would think this
would go without saying.

paf(_at_)bunyip(_dot_)com (Patrik Faltstrom) writes:
When putting these strings together I have to insert at least one
whitespace character, so the result will be "=?US-ASCII?Q?Keith_?= Moore"
which decoded is "Keith  Moore" with two spaces inbetween.

Isn't this the result?

That is in fact the result.

If you want "Keith Moore", you have a large number of options:


        =?US-ASCII?Q?Keith?= Moore

        =?US-ASCII?Q?Keith?=     =?US-ASCII?Q?_Moore?=

are three of them.

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